Tuesday, 24 March 2009

So proud of my son

This is a picture my son Scott age 13, drew for some new characters that Daisy and Dandelion were asking for. My sons sketch will be used for products due to come out next year. Go to http://www.daisyanddandelion.blogspot.com/ to see full details.


scrappyjacky said...

I love the Daisy and Dandelion range...it's just so cute....I think these mice are going to be a brilliant addition....really well done to Scott for such a great idea [and lovely pics].Hope he gets a lovely reward.

triciaquarius said...

Lovely blog. And well done Scott. I actually read all about your drawings on the doCrafts site, so how spooky that you follow my blog.
Thank you for dropping by my blog and good luck Scott - creativity must run in the family.
Tricia -x-