Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Totally Adorable

I just had to share this, I know some of you may find me strange but I adore mice, I'm not allowed to have one in the house, so I settle for my House Mouse stamps.   And the more whimsical they become the more I love them.  I have them on my cup, plant pots, and quite a few other things with them on.

One day Bobby brought this little mouse in from the garden.  Bless him he had rescued it from our Cat, Baby.  Little Monkey scared his sister half to death with it though.  He did want to keep it, and I nearly let him but instead we found a safe place to release it.  What will he bring home next I ask you???

Photo: Look what Bobby brought in from the garden today, he rescued it from the cat bless him.  Little sod scared his sister half to death with it.  he wanted to keep it, and I nearly let him, but then we decided to let it go under the shrubs.  I wonder what he'll bring home next??????????

Don't think he'll bring one of these home, I hope not anyway, he held a Kestrel on Sunday while we was at Whitby, he has also held an African White Faced Owl too.  He is just like his Mum, he adores animals, well he's is more of an obsession.  His ultimate dream is to stroke a Lion.


Hope you all have a wonderful week.
Happy crafting
Tracy x


Debbie said...

Hi Tracy
I fully support you on that, I love them too, your photograph is totally adorable.
Actually I would also go a tad further as my children both had a pet rat when they were younger and they were the most fantastic pets ever. My vet said they were a perfect pet and they were.
I had as much fun as my children did.

Wendy L said...

Great pics Tracy, xxx

scrappyjacky said...

I think I'd rather stroke a lion than hold those birds!!

catherine said...

Great pics Tracy. Think I would rather stick to the stamps in my house!. Little one looks to have had a great time
x catherine

Tracy said...

We had a mouse as a pet. My daughter got it from school. It got out of its cafe as the cat knocked the cage over while we were out. Luckily the next day the cat kept hanging around the coat closet, so he wasn't lost for long, lol.
I have to admit your mouse is cute....but I prefer the house mouse stamps lol

Helene E said...

gorgeous photos hun!

Janet Perafan-Babar said...

okay, the mouse sleeping, yes. cute. The second one sniffing out the jar? um, not so much. LOL! Awesome photo of the birds, very cool. thanks for the ♥ on my blog, you are sweet! xx