Monday, 23 November 2009

An Award

I've received this lovely award from Jacky. Thank you so much, I enjoy coming to your blog and seeing your lovely creations Jacky.

So now I need to list 7 things about myself that people might find interesting........not sure how interesting you'll find them!!!

1. I have passed exams and i'm a fully qualified Manicurist, including nail extentions. But couldn't follow through with it as a career as I have a phobia about touching people and people touching me. I only passed my exams as I used my Mam and Sister on the exam.

2. My most wanted craft item that i've been wanting for ages and still haven't got yet is a Cuttlebug. Awwww.....

3. I love the Twilight saga's and enjoyed the films, but the films are no where near as good as the books.

4. As a keen reader I have all the books, and read them, that Josephine Cox has written which is a total of 36, but she has also written under another name and they are thriller books.

5. I have given birth to three children without any pain relief, but i'm petrified of the dentist.

6. When I was a kid I had rough Collie dogs, my husband also had rough collies as a kid too, now that's what I call Spooky!

7. My Mum, Me and my youngest son Bobby all weighed 6lb 13oz at birth, weird! Same weight through three generations.

Told you they'd be a bit dull, not very good at talking about myself. And once I press Publish Post I'll think of something worth tellilng Lol!

Now to pass it on to 5 lovely Ladies:-
In no particular order

Looking foward to see what you put ladies.
Happy crafting
Tracy x


scrappyjacky said...

Tracy...that birth weight thing is definately a bit spooky.....though my brother and I are born on the same day.....3 years apart....your facts just reminded me of that!!!!

Kim Piggott said...

Hi Tracy,
Congratulations on your award!
Thank you so much for thinking of me I am thrilled to receive this from you. I have already received this but I really appreciate your kindness. Great facts and it is great to get to know you more.
kim x

Crystal said...

Hi Tracy, you are just soooo sweet to pass this on to me!!! Thank you soooo much!!! Congrats on the award sweetie!

Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Tracy,
Well done on getting this award and thanks for passing it on to me - I don't have it. I am flattered you thought of me.
Fiona x

debby4000 said...

Thanks for the award, will pop it on my blog tomorrow.

brenda said...

Hello Tracy

Sorry taken so long to get here, still have this ban of using the cimputer for too long as once adn still ahe to wear my sunnies.

So might be a day or so before I can deal with this properly, but thank you so so much for being such a great blog buddy.

B x