Friday, 24 September 2010

Christmas Reindeer

Polkadoodles are doing a new range of stamps, this lovely pair of Reindeer is among them, and are from the Stamp Doodles range. The papers are from the CD Paper boutique 2 - Creative Christmas. I love the clean simple look of this stamp, it allows for some nice bright papers.

This is for :-
Die Cut Dreams Christmas - challenge #36 - Christmas furry things
Papertake weekly - Animal Magic

Sorry ladies a bit of a long post!

Last Sunday I started with a bad back, in the lower right side of my back. But all week I managed to cope with it and moving around helped it the most. Pain killers didn't even touch the pain. So the back end of the week it had started to ease off, then Friday (yesterday)morning I bent to take the washing out of the washing machine and up it flared again. OMG what a terrible night I had last night, I went to bed late 11.45pm thinking the later I went the more I would sleep, only to wake at 1.00am to go to the toilet, and couldn't move anything from my waist down as it was extreme agony. 1 hour later I had managed to roll out of bed with a thud and crawl crying to the bathroom. My hubby was trying so hard to help me. Eventually I managed to get to my feet and walked in a crouched and very crooked way downstairs. By now I was losing my breath and sweating profoundly. The only way I could cope after taking painkillers was to try and sort of walk round, I couldn't sit at all. At 4.00 am there was no improvement and the pain was constant and getting worse, so my hubby phoned a doctor out, after some strong words from me, as I don't really go to the docs unless I really have to I was willing to see the doc. 5.00 am the Doctor turned up and what a lovely man he was too, really sympathetic and understood my pain straight away.
He examined me and asked lots of questions while I was pacing round in circles, then told me I had either a muscle spasm or trapped nerve. Then he started reeling off the medication he was giving me, four lots of tablets. He had a dose of each in his car to put me on until john went to the chemist. I try not to take medication if I can help it but the pain is that bad I would take anything at the moment.
So today I have been following the docs advice, if I can manage to sit, it can't be no more than 20 mins. So as my craft desk is at the back of my lounge i have been cutting out butterflies and inking them, you may have seen them on some of my cards. I do a couple then go for a little walk round. As for the computer I can manage 10 mins at a time, but then it's agony to get back onto my feet.

Dreading bedtime though, don't want to go through what I went through last night.

Luckily I made this card the other day and it hasn't been posted on my blog yet, I found today it would fit these challenges, so as I cannot make any at the moment, I would use this one.

But on a brigher note, some good has come out of this I will have lots of little butterflies to use, and the rest of the scraps from where I cut the butterflies out I am using little heart punches and snowflakes etc to use up the scraps

So this is my weekend I do hope your all having a better one than me. And sorry to offload this on you, but depending on how the painkillers work, it will determine how I will be able to get round blogger.

Happy crafting

Tracy x


Pops x said...

This is really gorgeous i love it, sorry to hear about your back sweetie i have done the same thin been in agony for a full week without sleep cosw i sneezed!!! one sneeze i can laugh at the minute, but i wont be in a few when i have been sat still, hope it heals really quickly for you big hugs love Pops x x x

Crafty Chris said...

Hi Tracy I know how you feel hun this happened to me as well, I think it is all down to giving birth, bloody awful hope the pain eases so you can get some sleep, beautiful card love the spots and the reindeers are adorable.
Chris x

john.matanda said...

Sorry to hear about your back pain hope you will be feeling better soon. Your card is really sweet. The stamp is simple but really effective. Love carol xx

pinky said...

Oh Tracy you poor thing, hope the back has eased a bit with the medication. Take it easy, you can't fight these things with anything but time!! I'll look forward to seeing the lovely butterflies when they land on one of your cards. I love this Christmas card, the reindeer are so gentle look and the papers are perfect. Good luck for tonight, hope you all get a good nights sleep.

Karen said...

Very nice Tracy, love the crispness of this card and the image is great. Thanks for joining us at DCD Christmas Club.

Delphine said...

This is beautiful, Tracy! I really like the image, simple but so sweet! And I love all the dots! I hope you feel better soon and can get some sleep... Sending you lots of hugs, Delphine xx

Mandy said...

Oh Tracy I do feel for you hun, that must have been awful, I do hope the pain has eased and you had a good nights sleep.
I can't remember if I've thanked you for the beautiful card you sent me or not, I've lost track of who I've thanked and who I haven't, so in case I haven't a big thank you, it is so pretty and is sat on my desk that was so thoughtful of you.
I nearly forgot, gorgeous card hun, love the little love heart tail, soooo cute.
Take care
hugs Mandy xx

chris said...

Oh sweetie, get some ibruprofen down you they take a few days to kick in but eventually take the inflamation down, (Used to teach sports massage at college)hope you are well soon.

your card is so scrumptious, love the little dears!!! hugs chris xx

stampinfrog said...

Oh Tracy I hope you can get a better nights sleep tonight and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!!!Your card is beautiful!

Valerie said...

Cute raindeer!

Jules said...

A really cute card and image Tracy .. .. but oh .. .. poor you and that awful back.

It sounds horrendous!!

I hope you managed a bit of sleep and that you feel a bit better today.

Hopefully those tablets will kick in properly soon.

Love Jules xx

Sally H said...

your card is gorgeous! Hope you had a better night last night. You poor thing! Hope the tablets kick in soon and you are feeling a bit better. Don't worry about blog land. We will still be here when you are recovered. Big but gentle hugs, my friend x

brenda said...

Ooh, Tracy I can almost feel it for you. After toothach I think backs are one of the worse pains to get and can be so debilitating. Give this a try.

I've got a worn facet join because of my bad stance due to my MS so the nerve traps and creates sciatica. I swear by my physios advice which is ice, half an hour where the pain is worse, then a hot water bottle for half an hour and roate on an off all day.

I really hope you get some relief shortly, be it the painkillers or the fire and ice routine.

B x

Kim Piggott said...

Tracy this is absolutely awful! I am so, so, sorry to hear that you are in such dreadful pain I really sympathise with you back pain can be so excruciating and when you cant rest or sleep it is just the worst. I really hope it eases for you soon and that those painkillers start to work for you.
Absolutely love your card! Such a gorgeous image and wonderful colours.
Take care and I will pray that your suffering doesn't last for very much longer.
kim x

liza said...

oh Tracy you poor thing,my heart goes out to you,theres nothing worse that back pain it soo restricts you from doing anything,hope you are feeling better soon
love n hugs

Tracy said...

Talk about committed to your craft. Take a break lady and relax.
Such a cute card.
How nice that a doctor comes to your home, wow.

chrissy xx said...

Oh! Tracy hope your a bit better today. Gorgeous card. Thank you for joining us at Die cut Dreams Christmas Club.

Debi said...

Your card is lovely! Thank you for playing along with the Papertake Weekly challenge.

Lori said...

What a pair of stylish reindeer, Thanks for joining us this week at Die Cut Dreams with this adorable card, hope to see you back again!