Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Meeting my Hero!

You may need a cuppa for this post and there's quite a few photo's too.

Bank Holiday Monday didn't turn out quite like we expected, we was supposed to go to the coast for the day and my sister was going to have the dogs for us. She had them the other week when we went to the zoo, but Rebel our sable and white rough collie suffers with seizures, and had a fit and frightened my sister to death.

So after much thought we decided not to go, so how did we fill the day. My husband concentrated on the garden in the morning, while I groomed and trimmed all the animals. First was the Guinea pig, Ash, he needed to have his hair trimmed, this is probably his last trim now as he'll need his fur for the winter months, but he can get ever so tangled if we don't trim it. He is a sheltie and is nearly 5 1/2 years old, their life span is on average 5/6 years, so he is doing well. A bit on the thin side but is running round and eating well.
Now a couple of weeks ago I was having a browse at House Mouse stamps, I adore them but only own one, the images I have, I have done swaps for or won them on the House Mouse challenge blog. Well I spotted this, it's called Gorgeous Guinea, and I will have to get it with out a doubt, just have to save the pennies for it Lol!
Next the rabbit, Thumper, he's shedding so a brush and nail clipping required.
Baby our cat who is 9 years old and will only let me brush her, she's getting a bit temperamental now, must be her age Lol!

Now for the last and the most time consuming, my boys Rebel and Flint, my gorgeous loving Rough Collies, the fur takes about 30 mins each to brush and trim. But they're good boys and will stand there and let you do it.
So that was my morning taken care of, what now for the afternoon, how about standing in line for over a hour and half for a book signing. My eldest son Scott who is fourteen loves a series of books called the Cherub series, written by Robert Muchamore for teenagers, they are about orphans that become spies. Scott has them all and a new one was launched yesterday, we bought him a limited edition and queued to get it signed by the author, it made Scotts day. Although I did take Scott last year to a talk by this author and he had a book signed and met the author then too.
He is a very nice person and was quite happy to let us take a photo of Scott with him and a photo of Scott stood at his Range Rover. Scott met his Hero!
And yes Bobby got in on the act too, Robert Muchamore was quite taken with Bobbyand his toy animals and spent more time talking to Bobby than Scott Oh Dear!
So that was my day and no crafting, but must get on today and do some DT samples for a new Polkadoodles CD-Rom, and try to get around blogland and catch up.

I must say though I am having problems leaving comments, Blogger seems to be really playing up and won't let me leave comments on a lot of blogs. So I have been looking at all your fab creations but can't always leave a comment at the moment, sorry!
Have a great day
Happy crafting
Tracy x


Fliss said...

Your animals all look gorgeous Tracy and I'm sure you must be very busy looking after them all. We only have 2 rabbits who take up lots of time.
That House Mouse stamp looks gorgeous too so can see why you want it.
Just about to start my samples too having been working out my designs on paper first as I find it helps kick start the ideas.
Good luck with yours and looking forward to see what you come up with.

Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Tracy,
Sorry your day at the seaside didn't work out but it sounds as though you had a very full and fun day.
Happy crafting,
Fiona x

Mervi said...

You really have the life in your home!!!!
oh I love that Baby cat, reminds me about my old cat. We only have rabbits, they live under the cottage and eat all that i have grown, also flowers from the pots! Hope you get soon that stamps, lovely new look on your blog, too;-))m

scrappyjacky said...

I don't envy you all that grooming,Tracy.It's bad enough with only one dog to do....the little Staffie doesn't really need it and hates being brushed.
Glad Scott got to meet his 'hero'.

scrappyjan said...

Hi Tracy, All that brushing with ALL of your animals would make my arm sore. LOL... Beautiful dogs you have.

I am sure that the seaside would have been more fun but look at all of the family fun you had at home just working together..
hugs and have a great day sweetie...Janiel

pinky said...

OMG how you get time to make all your wonderful creations Tracy I just don't know. Your pets are all so well cared for!! What a nice thing for Scott I am sure he will always treasure the book.

chris said...

HI Tracy I feel exhausted reading this what a busy life. what a great thing for your hubby, I bet he was chuffed. your pets look great.
back soon love chris xx

lil-paper-pixie said...

What an action packed day, at least you acheived loads though, those type of days satisfy me!!! Anyway, the money you saved not going to the coast could surely fund just 1 lil stamp......tell hubby you deserve it as you saved him all that ice cream money...LOL.



liza said...

my goodness tracy,you have been busy lol i did the same today with all the kids,bathed,nails clipped and ears cleaned ready for school in the morning lol we have 2 cats bosco and busby(boscos 8wk old kitten)nice to see you son meeting his fav author
love n hugs

Elaine said...

Blimey you were a very busy bee Tracy!
Pets do take some looking after though, it's not just the feeding. We only have 2 cats, both of whom are total divas!
Glad to hear Scott had such a nice day too.
Love Elaine xx