Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Something different

A bit of a different make for you today, My eldest son had a mate to sleep over last night and did they mess about. To say they are both almost 15 in age, it was like having Bobby and a group of four year olds. It was 4.30am before I got any sleep, everytime they thought we were asleep they would sneak downstairs, raid the cupboards, put music on, and lots more. This went on till about 4.15am this morning. Banging about, up and down stairs, until they had everyone in the house up including Bobby. By hell they got the length of my tongue, I was so angry. No more sleepovers in my house, they are banned.
So I was up at 6.30 to see the hubby of to work, then Bobby was up at 7.00 am, so I cracked on with the ironing and some other bits of housework. Then got the urge to bake and it passed an hour.

Here are some of the dozen scones I baked, just plain this morning as the kids don't like them with fruit in. I think they turned out nice and fluffy due to me taking my anger out on the scone dough rather than Scott Lol!

Then I decided to do the kids favourite Flapjack, I know by the time I go to bed tonight and John and the kids have had flapjack for supper there will not be a crumb left.

So today I am gonna concentrate on DT work, and try to get round some of your lovely blogs, ladies.
Have a good day
Happy crafting
Tracy x


Debbie said...

OMG Tracy, I remember those days when my son did that. They would be going to sleep as I was getting up!!
Unfortunatly I am on a diet and cannot beg you to send me any Flapjack. I make it aswell and my lot love it, I am not a scone person but when I make them my kids like me to put cheese in some of them too.
Would you like my American Tea Bread recipe? (It's a bit like a fruit cake, but nicer)
It's brilliant 'cos there is no fat in it and it's all measured with a cup! Simples!
If you do email me:

scrappyjacky said...

Tracy,those scones look absolutely perfect...we all love scones and flapjacks in our house.
I remember 'sleepovers'...though why they are called that I don't know....as you've found out....nobody gets any sleep!!The first of many for you,I expect!!
Love your post today.

Clare *Littlebear* said...

Yummy, can I come round for tea?
I hope you don't feel too bad today after so little sleep.
Clare x

Abby's Garden said...

Oh Tracy they look yummy...my mouth is drooling just sitting here:)

john.matanda said...

Hi Tracy I hav't been on your blog before but was over on Lil Daffodil(she is my auntie) and I saw the picture of your scones so decided to pop over and have a look. They look delicious and your cards are pretty too. Hope you manage to get an early night and catch up on some sleep. I have banned sleepovers in my house and I hope I don't ever meet the person who invented them. Love Carol xx

Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Tracy,
Fantastic looking bakes. William has just gone out in the car and might be on his way to you for a feed. Lol.
Fiona x

Francesca said...

Great baking tracy , both look delicious
Sleepovers are banned in my house too.

scrappyjan said...

oh Tracy this looks YUMMY! Sorry you got NO sleep. I remember those day all to well... I am glad that we are all passed those day around here.. LOL....
hugs, Janiel

pinky said...

So glad thats all behind me Tracy!! A good tongue lashing usually brings the sleep on though lol. Love the look of those delish scones, can you put fruit in mine the next time lol. Loving the flapjacks just my cup of tea!

Kim Piggott said...

I really feel for your Tracy been there done that got the t shirt and so glad that those days are over lol!
Your baking looks utterly scrummy mmmmmmmmmm wish I lived nearer!
kim x

chris said...

Hi Tracy, if I pop round now i dont suppose there would be any left, as they look gorgeous.
hugs Chris xx

Michelle ~ daydreams505 said...

Mmm, Looks so yummy. :) I know what you mean about sleep-overs. I always dread when my sons want to do them. Once they are teens it's so much harder to get them to settle down for the night. I finally told my boys we will only have sleepovers for special occasions such as their birthdays.

Sally H said...

Oh bless you, hun! We have only had one sleepover and they were very well behaved between twelve and eight! Your scones look delicious. hope you are tucked up in bed as I write this catching some well earned zzzzzzz

Sally H said...

sorry, meant to say your flapjack looks delicious too!

coldwaters2 said...

Oh Tracey I have been there so many times in the past I think sometimes boys are worse than the girls. I often used to have to shout to my son to stop talking or having fights I always said 'never again' but always gave in lol. As for those scones and flapjacks they look yummy, yummy
Lorraine x

Vicki said...

...oooooo yummy Tracey your flapjacks and scones look delicious, I'm sure you enjoyed those. I had a baking day yesterday with my lot, plus their friends OMG!!! 5 children and me in the kitchen baking cookies,chocolate cake and coffee 'n' walnut cake, by the time we'd finished you couldn't see the kitchen......but our efforts were delish...lol!!!

Oh hun I know what you mean about teenagers and their mates, my lot are 18, 16, 11 and 7 and yep the eldest are worse than the younger ones....roll on back to school hey!!!! Take care luvly and thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such lovely comments xx vicki xx

brenda said...

Hi Tracy

Sounds all a bit too familiar.

Baking looks yummy. I make a lot of flapjack, althouhg not quite as much as I used to. Our eldest loves it and most days took some to school for his lunch. Gradually I was making more and more until I started questioning him.

Turned out he was selling it on the school bus - he called it free enterprise and it became known as "Genuine" - because he friends used to ask if it was genuine from his Mum. It's still known as that now.

B x

Jules said...

Oh dear Tracy .. .. sounds like those lads are lucky to be alive let alone banned from future sleepovers LOL!!!

I just fancy one of those scones - any left?.

Love Jules xx

CraftyC said...

Well they look scrummy Tracy. I also suffer when my 15yr daughter has friends to stay. They now have to sleep in the conservatory on the sofa bed as they don't go bed much before 3am and my hubby has to be up at the crack of dawn to. So totally sympathise.

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Oh how yummy. You are making me hungry. Thankfully not too many sleep overs here!!!

Emma said...

Mmmmm so yummy...
Hugs Emma x